Shorting GOOG

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  1. Going short GOOG. Who is with me?

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  2. You gotta be a joker!
  3. Bearish on Apple Inc. (AAPL:NASDAQ).
  4. Shorting Apple is naive. PE 15.

    Goog not quite so naive but still naive. PE 20.

    Find worse performers with negative earnings and your shorts will be a lot more effective. Shorting market leaders is dangerous, but I'm not going to stop you, because I know you're wrong about both.

    Could be a minor short term correction setting another higher low, but onward and up from there.

    Better find something that's actually losing money, going down, then short. Neither one of these companies is going to zero, and if that isn't a criteria on its own where you think bankruptcy is likely, shorting will never be worth it, especially for these companies.

    I'm sure you don't think GOOG and AAPL are going to zero, so this trade may work for another few days, but certainly nothing profitable about it longer term.
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    goog is weak, but if market keeps rallying it could start to squeeze, always the conundrum with these type of stocks, plus the 600 level when it breaks should give a nice plunge IF it can break
  6. Well, I don't like the entry point on it, but it could work for a few days. I doubt longer term this will make any money.
  7. Hope that works out for you.

    I'm curious though.. If you think the market is headed down, why not pick a weaker tech play?

    I'd like to hear your reasoning.
  8. Looks like a weak stock but not weak enuf for me.
  9. I prefer shorts in bear markets and preferably weaker stuff.

    GOOG is no weak stock.
  10. It's not a great uptrend for GOOG, but I see nothing but higher lows since July 2010; at 433.63, 473.02, 480.60, 561.33, 564.55, & just below 600. You might get lucky and short one of the dips, but why bother with a low probability trade? Buy GOOG now, or after the next pullback, and make some money as it continues its slow grind Northwards. If the $NDX uptrend continues throughout this year, GOOG is probably good for at least $650-$700 a share.
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