Shorting GOOG Oct. 16th

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Vespasian, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Who says you can't pick tops.

    Stop $537.50
    Target $482 area
  2. Ha !

    Gap up much bigger then I expected will wait till close to see how it finishes the day.

    No Trade
  3. That GOOG is a living breathing item. It actually scares me. If there was ever a Terminator scenario its Google. They know too much. Crush them while we still can.

    Its a big whale in space. Its going going gone. Get out the trade at any profit and revisit after 12 am. The West coast loves GOOG and they have deep pockets. Its like a cult. When its 12 here its 8 am there. When the employees see their stockl going low they will fight back. Check the tape at the end of the day. its 12:18 now.
  4. Oops.
  5. Why is Google running away? Did people discover Bing is worthless?
  6. gobar


    ok GOOG seems to hit major resistance @ 574..

    short goog here..

    looking goog and bidu to go down 50 or more
  7. Goog is now the tech barometer. I see 600 on the horizon. Its becoming a virtual bershire hathaway. Its buying up everything. Also be careful because Goog is now becoming a cyclical stock. As they head into holiday seasons watch their ad revenue increase. they own Double Click.

    The android is like a trojan horse watching the consumer so be aware that the GOOG animal is like nothing we have ever seen.

    I see GOOG 800 by 2010. Im shorting this eventually but for now its too strong. :(
  8. S2007S


    Just make it an even $1000.

  9. risky63


    still in uptrend.......about to cycle lower in daily pattern.
    if your nimble you might get 50 or so...