Shorting Gold

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  1. Hey moderator,
    My post on shorting gold disappeared .......

    Was it too dumb an idea to even keep on the board?

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    Well, the fed is cutting rates in a matter of weeks. Isn't that reason enough not to short gold?
  3. I lost a whole lot of money historically because I thought I knew what was gonna happen next

    not getting back on that wagon personally

    But I understand your point
  4. Well you're not going to marry this trade, right?

    btw: Your original post is south of here, residing in Metal Futures, of all places.:)
  5. well thats ok --- I don't think I put it there -- but that seems like a good place.

    and Im pretty new to this -- learning the setups from books --- so I understand the reasoning behind the setup --- but watching it and acting on it are 2 different things

    I am actively trading gaps and pivots at this point --- so I am seriously considering the setup in the chart --- I have read that it is called a 'squeeze'?
  6. buy puts limit the risk!

  7. Im looking at the ZG8G futures contract for the leverage and the cost. I don't understand options well enough to trade them
  8. learn the options cause it will save you money and lessen the risk a ton in case gold takes off!!!
  9. Yeah - you know Ive found that learning all of this takes alot of time --- I read for almost 4 months and watched charts --- and am now confident enough to trade 1 YM contract at a time

    Ultimately I would like to do options too --- but man it takes time to piece this stuff together and not blow out the account along the way

    thanks for the insight though - I appreciate it

    TOS is supposed to be a good place to learn options
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    options are a weird concept to grasp at first...what with premium,intrinsic values,time decay,beta,out of the money,in the money...but once it clicks youll learn it fast...
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