Shorting ETFs at IB

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by ScaleOut, Oct 24, 2005.

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    Is anyone up to date on the availability of ETF shares at IB that can generally be shorted -- such as IWM, XLE, EWJ, SMH, XLF, MDY, XLU, SLB, EEM, XLY, IYR, GLD, EFA, SLV, IJR, RKH, and XLI?

    All of these ETFs traded greater than 1 million shares on Friday.

    My thanks to all who respond.

  2. ScaleOut


    Def -- Can you please tell me in general how shortable the above listed ETFs are on a typical day for 1000 or more shares? Thanks.

  3. Maybe someone else can jump in here since I don't short stocks. I'd rather buy a put on an optionable stock since there's no uptick rule and the risk is limited.
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    Steve, there's no uptick rule with ETFs.
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    if they are on the short list there should be plenty available. (the russell can be an exception as it is difficult and costly to create).
  6. Just randomly clicking on the IB shortable list, I noticed that the popup for SMH indicates it is not shortable, even though it is on the list of shortable stocks. The popup for SPY says it is shortable.