Shorting During Extended Hours

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mjt, Jan 10, 2001.

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    I have always heard that you don't need an uptick to short during extended hours. I have never had a problem shorting with any other platform, but Real Tick will not let me short during extended hours without an uptick. The exception is if I adjust my order 1/16 over the high bid. I can't just take out the high bid if there is a downtick.

    Is it up to each broker to determine extended hours shorting rules?
  2. rt3 doesn't allow it.. the software sux for that reason.. every other broker allows you to just swipe down... no uptick necessary
  3. Here's a little trick with Realtick that allows you to short without the uptick (in extended hours or regular trading hours):

    Using ISLD or SNET (none of the other routes seem to work with this trick)send in your sell order at least 1/16 or more BELOW the bid you want to get. For instance, if you want to short a stock and there's an ISLD bid at 50 1/8 but is on a downtick, send in an ISLD short for 50 1/16 (or lower). Realtick will then give you a pop up message saying "Cannot short on a downtick--would you like to adjust price up 1/16?" Click yes, and Realtick will fire in your sell order at 50 1/8, and voila, you've nailed that bid.
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    Thanks zboy. I'll give that a shot.