Shorting dividend payers overnight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. My understanding of this is that if you aren't short thru the ex-div date, you don't have to pay - is this right?

    Also, if that is true, can someone give a web site that gives quick access to these dates?

  2. ...anyone?? :D
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    You've got be flat before the ex date or else you pay. You can't close your position on the ex date, it's too late then.
  4. Gee, I thought you could just short these and cover when they drop the amount of the dividend.


    Another easy buck gone the way of the dodo.
  5. so as long as you are out in-between any ex-dividend dates, you are set.

    where can I find a source of ex-div dates? yahoo doesn't seem to give it.

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    yahoo lists ex-dates on the detailed quote page