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Discussion in 'ETFs' started by kmoney, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. kmoney


    Are there any brokers that allow you to short the Tecrum corn fund etf? I can't seem to find any. You guys know of any?
  2. maxinger


    no idea about corn etf.

    u can consider corn futures from CBOT exchange.
    it has high liquidity.
  3. kmoney


    I already trade futures, I was hoping to pair trade futures with ETFs
  4. MattZ

    MattZ Sponsor

    Why add structured fees where you can trade just the underlying asset? Just curious.
  5. kmoney


    There's several reasons but the main one is I've found a relationship that exists intermittently between the etf and another unrelated commodity that would be more expensive and possibly impossible to fully to recreate using only futures. Gotta just bite the fee bullet.
  6. Pairs trading? huh, it won't work and you will pay the price ...
    Theoretically, the logic behind pairs trading is good.
    It is like a quantum theory, where it posits that we can travel the time. Yes, it works in the movies.
  7. Robert Morse

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    CORN does not require a locate.

  8. kmoney


    Thanks, I must've just missed it!
  9. zdreg


    what is E and 25% in the diagram? what is the symbol which shows locate is unnecessary?
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  10. Robert Morse

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    E = ETB - Easy to borrow
    25% means for day traders that it will take 25% of your BP out for this trade - fully marginable security.
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