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  1. Planning to short 200 BIDU once it crosses 185 mark..
  2. jesus
  3. Holy BIDU up 30+
  4. Damn Chinese Google. Anyonee chasing after hours?
  5. $224 top???????

    Jesus Christ
  6. S2007S


    PE is way out of whack on this one.

    Im sure it goes 300 anyway....
  7. Once people stop trying to short these momentum stocks they actually might have a chance to go down eventually.
  8. The growth is too great for them to go down. Maybe when the growth slows or stops but there is more money made simply going long.

    AAPL up big, BIDU, AMZN up big

    making $ w3rd
  9. Guys.. ie why I havent shorted ad bought it today :) But a bit high though 217
  10. any guess whether to sell it tommorow??
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