Shorting Apple with a target of $250

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  1. Going short Apple with a target of $250.
  2. who cares
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    I would wait until after they report early next week, one thing apple loves to do is under promise and over deliver, they keep there numbers very modest and always beat to the upside, also the numbers being watched are the ipad numbers and everyone is saying they are selling out like crazy, I would go short about 1-2 days after they report. I think the stock could climb to $315-$325 area, maybe even $330-$335 if they have just an unbelievable quarter, then I think it may be safe to short as you may be able to catch the downward pressure as people finally start selling for profits.

    If it did drop to $250 I would be truly surprised.
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    AAPL is a company of one man. And this man is not eternal.
  5. bad idea......never short AAPL going into earnings......
  6. So if BRK. If you had shorted that when Buffett was 55, you would have had a rather painful last quarter century.

    I have to say, of all the shorting strategies out there, I've never heard of the "short and pray that the CEO dies" method :D
  7. I will short $334..
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    iIagree i'm waiting for $330 or so which gives it a mkt cap of $300 bil. There you short and hold for $250-$275
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    I sure would not short the stock in size, however some bearish put spreads and bearish call spreads may look appealing soon!
  10. not sure, the druids that suck at the AAPL teat are liable to continue their obsession from beyond the grave

    this thread is absurd
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