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  1. Does this seem odd to you?

    I can short CFC and NDE, but cannot short AHM or LEND.

    LEND I guess I can understand because some brokers don't allow you to short stocks below $5, but AHM is over $20/share.

    Seems very odd to me that you cannot short AHM, especially since guys on here have been talking about how they have been shorting AHM.

    What gives?
  2. blast19


    Probably no shares available.
  3. Lend and AHM are on the REGSHO list. That means they have fails to deliver. The Hedgies are getting fake locates from the Primes. Now, two days ago, you might have gotten a "locate". But after Bloomberg's expose last night, it seems the scumbags are on the wagon.

    Go to Wall St News "Bloomberg" Use the latest link.

    Nice observation. look at AHM puts. They generally pretty right because they put people on the inside.
  4. see the premium on AHM puts? What they do after they've shorted, is buy a ton of puts, forcing the mm to sell short, with his exemption, the common. Kind of like the vicious cycle. this stock is toast; who knows the reason. But watch. They will raid it the rest of the way now, if past performance is a guarantee of future results:p

    Of course, the regulators can't see this. Inspector Clouseau could, but the regulators can't/
  5. this is another way you get screwed. You may id a great short candidate legit, but you can't play.
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    life is not a level playing field. when you prove yourself worthy you can join the ole boy's club with all of the privileges.

    you got screwed because you screwed yourself by wasting time gripping instead of going after numerous other opportunies
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    you got lucky.
    reminds me of another old saying from grouch marx: i don't want be a member of any club that would accept me as a member.
  8. no, I wasn't griping. I was pointing out that illegal activity hurts everyone. I do not dismiss illegalities. ANd I didn't miss out on other opportunities. I was making a point.

    and I do not wish to be a member of any ole boy network. I wish to do my own thing in a fair and thoughtful manner, not cajole with a bunch of old decrepit fucks, who when they make a score, slap each other on the back until large clumps of phlem come up.

    Thank you for your interest.
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    When LEND was at 12.50 , I put an order to short it at the limit price of 12.51 and it hit my price and it was even tradedat 12.54 but my order was still open. I cancelled the order and put another order to short at the market but the order stayed opened so after 3 minutes, I cancelled the order. I don't know why. In IB, if the sharesare not available, you can not even submit the order.
  10. It seems that we are polar opposites, flytiger. Remove the "not" in the above statement and you're left with the stated "objective" on my resume. :D
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