Shortie's Solution to World Hunger: Breed Possums!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by shortie, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Of course, this may only solve the meat shortages but we have to start somewhere.

    The idea has just occurred to me so please consider this a rough draft.

    It appears that Possums compare favorably with Rabbits (another fast breeder). Will investigate this further.

    gestation 31-32 days, age to maturity 6 months, 4-12 babies per litter

    gestation 12-13 days, age to maturity 6-7 months, up to 13 babies per litter

  2. [​IMG]

    are these for real!!??
  3. pupu


    Hmmmmmm....look at those drumsticks
  4. Fuck that


    bond_trad3r's solution to world hunger is the same as Jim Rogers: more farmers.

    I'm so happy China and Indian's growth is rapidly increasing. That's a lot of hungry people that can now afford to eat.
  5. p.s. whoever i was replying to deleted his post. was it ZeroHedgefund or something? anyway, he raised an important issue with my original premise.

    you are right. i have started with a false premise. my starting point was the phrase "they breed like rabbits" and that made me think about the rate of breeding but this not necessarily what's needed to improve meat output.

    and rabbits are not raised on a large-scale for whatever reason.

    chicken hatches in 30 days and matures in 4 months, and they lay eggs every day. so that's better than possums or rabbits.
  6. ^ bond_trad3r supports increases in chicken production