Shortie's Solution to the Unemployment Problem: Create More Restaurants

Discussion in 'Economics' started by shortie, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. "Waitressing is the number one occupation for female non-college graduates in this country. It's the one jab basically any woman can get, and make a living on..."

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  2. who's gonna eat out when they have no money? There should be a "eating out" stimulus package prior to the creatioon of such jobs...
  3. I did my part last night to help and had a cheeseburger
    at Chili's .

    I'm also helping out the medical community
    who wil be unclogging my arteries.
  4. Already excess # of restaurants, which overexpanded relative to GDP for years. Dining out trends reverse on higher unemployment and higher food prices. Ditto for retail.
  5. i am mildly puzzled why only 18K were created. did not McDonald's create 50K in May or Apr?

    18K this report
    54K previous report (revised to 25K)

  6. S2007S


    Two previous months were revised downward, so maybe in another month or two we will find out that for the month of June that actually ZERO jobs were created!

    :p :p :p :p :p
  7. Those were 50k illegals :D
  8. I'd say create more grocery stores.