Shortie's $500B Job Plan: Hire Grave Diggers!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by shortie, Sep 8, 2011.

Will Unemployment Improve by Fall 2012?

  1. More Unemployed

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  2. Fewer Unemployed

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  3. Unemployment Level Won't Change

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  1. This simple plan has two benefits:
    1. Jobs=food to sustain some workers
    2. Enough graves to bury those unemployed who will die from starvation in the years to come
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  3. Lucrum


  4. They will just outsource to China. What do all those ships that haul cheap shit here return with when they go back to get more cheap shit? Mostly our toxic waste in the form of last year's electronic goods that we threw away to make room for this year's electronic goods. They will just fill those extra containers with bodies, then the Chinese can melt down the corpses and extract the gold from teeth and grind the bones into biscuits.
  5. Americans deserve to be buried in their own soil. Technically, the land belongs to Native Americans so maybe only they deserve to be buried in US soil. But, I say, who cares? There is plenty of land for all future dead bodies.

    I voice a strong 'No' to shipping bodies to China.