shorted 30-t bond at 121'300, some questions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trader_david, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. how the price quoted? I feel bearish about T-30, that is short. but new to30yeras treasure bond, the first trade. any vetern on that, give an explainatin?
  2. What is your question?

    Each tick is 1/32 worth $31.25/contract.

    If it goes down you make money, if it goes up know the drill!
  3. could you give some links about the quote?

    I do not know how to enter the price, but I feel it will fall fall, so short it at the market quote.

    try to make a buy cover order, could not figure out how the price quoted, reject several times. anyway, I covered it at 120'270.

    thanks your explaination, if possible, give me a link to the quote

  4. Dude, I hope you practice on a simulator, you can get your scrotum chopped off in these if you are wrong!
  5. ?? what are the questions
  6. my question is how to enter a price in IB?

    so far what I can do is see the ask/bid, then put a market order to enter a trade or close a trade.

    1/32 is hard to enter?

    normally I trade crude, but feels crude is a range-band day today , so I switch to new product bond, but new to bond trading. after I examed the yesterday's chart, I sensed it will break down further. just a try, one contract.

    just do not get it how to enter a price valid to 1/32

  7. Possible answers:

    A. You should already know how to do this before live trading.
    B. Cosult IB help file
    C. Call IB
    D. All of the above
  8. before I live trade, I do did not know how to enter the order, I just read the market, not the quote, sense the immidiate fall.
    try to make a limit buy order, the order is rejected several times, that is why I ask you guys.

    after observation, and serach the website,kind of get of some idea how to do the price entering thing. I do not have paper account, I alreday closed it for good.

    thanks anyway