Shortboys numbers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by easyrider, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. I remember some debate awhile back about shortboy padding his numbers. I checked his site yesterday. He has been getting slammed lately and his numbers show it so maybe they are legit. Down over 50% the last couple of months. I guess he has been fighting this rally. He is still up on the year however.
  2. Babak


    There was no 'debate'. Using his own numbers, it was shown (by Tony Oz) that he had manipulated the numbers.

    I haven't been to his site lately but I'll check it out.
  3. those gurus....are always full of sh!t...
  4. He's not doing as well now because interest rates suck. I remember he was proud of himself over the interest he collected.
  5. Babak


    That's true. I brought up this point originally many months ago by pointing out that around 30-40% of his 'performance' in his earlier years was due to the credit interest that his $500,000 account was earning and not as a result of gains from trading.