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  1. Nevermind mecro. Just nvm. :)
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  2. I think that your Thread has been relegated to the "Chit Chat" Forum because the moderator does not see any methodology behind your posts, let alone a constructive conversation about trading; just a bunch of chest pounding and egotistical remarks.

    As the moderator has told James Stock/Romeo/Chapa-Braca/Grand Master B, etc. - - - you are welcome to start up your own Journal. In this way, members of ET can follow your opinions.

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  3. Yeah, humor me and tell me lies
    and I'll lie, too, and say I don't mind
    And as we seek, so shall we find
    And when you're feeling open, I'll still be here
    But not without a certain degree of fear
    Of what will be with you and me
    I still can see things hopefully, but you
    Yeah, humor me and tell me lies

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  4. Mecro


    Dude it does not even matter whether you day trade or swing. I do swing trades as well. In fact my intradays are mostly swings. Only thing that truly matters is how stocks move and your risk and reward. Illiquid gave me and example and I deciphered it in a daily basis because thats what I mostly play. It's not my fault that neither you or he can understand how risk/reward change based on the timeliness of your entry be it intra-day or swing. I know it's hard for most to understand, but there are factors such as specialists/MMs/Major Big money players. Yes there is manipulation simply because it's easy to screw sheep traders that all jumped on the same position too early whether they were right or not.
    It's the same thing if you swing, just the time frames change and the sizes get bigger. I study charts every night and I can find dailys and yearlys that look almost exatcly the same.

    Bottom line is that you are enterting a trade before any real confirmation on absolutely no methodology. You may convince yourself that you are "scaling" into a trade when in fact you are averaging to a losing trade. Yeah I know you are gonna come back and change the numbers around to make it sound like a winning position as you have already quite a few times. You came into the thread claiming this great position you are taking, bashing some other methods. Now we are discussing entry into this position which is still based on complete BS.

    You are just impatient. Why is it so important to take this top call on an index when there are thousands of swings both long and short on various individual stocks and commodities? At the current time, taking a bet on long or short of this market is just asking to get hurt or to get churned. I mean if you are going to make a call, at least have a semi good reason to do so.
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