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Discussion in 'Forex' started by atticus, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Doesn't deserve its own thread, but I couldn't find any to piggyback:

    Long EURJPY from 94.86, stop 94.05, no target.
    Long USDJPY from 78.26, stop 77.81, no target.
  2. Bot EURAUD at 11750 to open a position.
  3. Out all at 11790.
  4. contra


    joining you on EJ here at 94.35. good luck.
  5. you think EURJPY stays under 1.00 for the long term? seems like a regime change.
  6. EURJPY is the Rodney Dangerfield of crosses. I'm sure to get stopped, but I am working 30 pips higher to salvage it. Best "risk-on" cross in existence.
  7. I was surprised by this move down today, euroland matters, euroland doesn't matter, it will drive you batty.
  8. Amen.

    Long CHFJPY from 78.56 to open a position. 78.16 SL. Projected to be the best risk-position in the next 24h (%PTT-basis).
  9. I'll dump it at 78.84 overnight if it touches.
  10. you need to long usd/jpy target 1,20 -1,50
    eur going to 90 cents what the point?
    #10     Jul 24, 2012
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