Short Wells Fargo Wtc

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    Short Wells Fargo @ 19.60

    classic. target SUB 10

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  3. Daal


    wow, this must be like the first time you ever make a call that is likely to work :D
  4. what's the upside risk?

  5. whatever you want.

    suggest flat @25.07

  6. I am with you !
  7. I have been shorting financials since 07 and profiting quite nicely all the way down as you can imagine.

    I would like to say that Wells is one of the better banks out there and I would suggest that there are much better financials to be shorting after this recent run up for the financials and overall market.

    I do believe the financials will see another leg down and there is money to be made on the short side.

    Citi for instance.

    But I do think you will profit on this trade.

    Good Luck
    Happy Trades!
  8. nailed the entry on this one so far. suggest holding, <10 is in the cards easily.... potential total take down.

    stay tuned, surf


  9. nice trading, thanks for the kind words!

  10. Hey surfer, why single out WFC, rather than simply trade the FAZ? Any particular reason?
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