SHORT Walmart? "Loughner Bought Bullets at Walmart"

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  1. "See Something, Say Something: Loughner Bought Bullets at Walmart"

    Kurt Nimmo

    January 13, 2010

    In December of last year, DHS boss Janet Napolitano announced a government program with the participation of the slave goods trader Walmart to report terrorists and other miscreants.

    BIG SIS Walmart Video........

    “Everyone has a role to play in keeping themselves and their communities safe,” Walmart said following the release of DHS propaganda (see video below), “Walmart is proud to be the first national retailer to partner with Secretary Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security in the ‘If you see something, say something’ campaign. We urge our customers and associates to join us.”

    It looks like Walmart and its customers dropped the ball.

    “Jared Lee Loughner was turned away at one Walmart location when he tried to buy bullets just hours before his shooting rampage in Tucson,” reports the Daily Beast. “He eventually went to another Walmart and successfully bought ammunition, according to sources close to the matter who spoke to The Wall Street Journal. No reason was given for the first Walmart rejecting him.”

    Maybe the counter person in sporting goods at the first Walmart location took one look at the crazed Loughner (see his mugshot) and decided not to sell him the ammo. The second minimum wage drone was obviously not as perceptive or was not well indoctrinated in DHS fear-mongering.

    See Something, Say Something is not really designed to ensnare terrorists or even gun-toting maniacs looking to harm the public – it is part of a larger propaganda campaign designed to steep us in 24/7 terrorist nonsense and acclimate us to the Stasi snoop state going into place at all levels of society.

    It is part of the ongoing effort to trash the Bill of Rights and get us accustomed to ratting out our neighbors, accepting cancer-causing porno scanners, allowing government thugs to stick their hands down our pants, and in general acquiescing to a high-tech police state.
  2. LEAPup


    The sheeple here will also probably allow lawmakers to re-enact the slick willy clinton assault weapon and magazine ban without a peep... Scary!

    Imo, the dumbocrats were just waiting for something like this to happen so they can cram their communist adenda down our throats. Once American's are disarmed (where this is going), the gubment can do ANYTHING they want to what will be their Subjects, not Citizens...
  3. olias


    You're saying we need guns to keep our government from turning this country communist?

    Anyone who thinks less guns on the street is a communist?
  4. clacy


    The first two things that any oppressive government does is limit speech and take away the right to own firearms.

    The 2nd amendment was written to protect people from their government.
  5. BSAM


    Short Walmart?? LOL

    Sadly, this is approximately how our "leaders" think.

    However, I have long been in favor of much stricter gun control in this country.

    But, this is a country of rednecks. A redneck believes that as long as a tragedy hasn't happened to him, then there ain't no problem. Rednecks simply require more education than other people do. It just takes time.

    Oh, I'm not saying rednecks are bad people. To the contrary, most are very good people. Just a bit misguided in some areas. And no, all rednecks are not old white guys. There are plenty of black ones and brown ones too. A redneck is not age or race specific.

    How many more tragedies have to occur before something dramatic is done?

    How many times have some of us asked the above very question?
  6. BSAM



    You do realize that when the 2nd amendment was written that the glock and ar-15 weren't invented, right?
  7. clacy


    Obviously, but ask yourself why every oppressive government would do that? Why would they want to limit speech and gun ownership? Is is for their citizens safety, or so that they can consolidate and retain power?

    Why is it that the left is always pushing for tighter gun control and ways to limit speech (fairness doctrine, etc)? These two things always go together it seems.

    I find it hilarious that the left was no where to be found when there was "vitriolic rhetoric" directed toward Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. However, when the Dems are in charge, we're all supposed to embrace change, come together and support the President. Anyone who communicates their dissatisfaction with the direction of our country/policy is "full of hate and vitriol".

    I contend that is the exact mindset, that ultimately allows an oppressive government to take hold.
  8. LEAPup


    Good post! Look at what Hitler did. History and human behavioral patterns repeat themselves...
  9. olias


    Ok, good. We at least agree on your second point. So let us debate whether that is still a logical view to hold.
  10. olias


    We have some agreement here too. I supported Bush too; you can go back and find some of my posts about that.

    But you're making kind of an immature argument here. Dems are not trying to restrict anyone's 'right to free speech'. I think they would agree that you have a 'right' to criticize the President. No one is trying to lock you up for it.
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