short usd

Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. i'm getting short usd

    so that makes me

    long aud.usd
    long. eur.usd
    short usd.cad


    and I'm going to keep that ratio to add or lighten up

    usd.jpy is a different deal, don't want to get involved
  2. i guess the world has decided usd is just going to sit here until fomc starts talking
  3. Daring


    Real bullish on euro so can't say I disagree :)
  4. well, that worked out well for us
  5. 12/12/12 @ 23:30PM: EUR/USD at 1.3090. Are short sellers/profit takers around the corner?
  6. Daring


    Yep, if only Hershey could do that lol
  7. I can't do that at all.

    Reason: I do not trade forex, FYI.
  8. this is a departure for me. Everytime I have tried it I have gotten burned.

    so I'm 100% short usd, usually I would be long 2 pairs and short two pairs, and that has been very good and consistent for me becuase I can trade without stops

    didn't really think this one through, I have no loss prevention program in place

    so far so good, took some profits wednesday, reloaded, took some profits last night

    now going into the weekend very small, small enough I can survive anything

    either I'm going to need to go back to spreading (which is what got me here) or start using stops again

    question is, if I want to spread, which two do I switch sides on?
  9. ok, I'm over it

    short eur
    short cad

    thanks ben for the good week