short usd/long eur

Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. In spite of todays bad showing, I'm not so sure getting short usd is still a bad idea

    I think my bad idea was geting long eur

    No sense beating myself up over it, it made perfect sense at the time. If usd is going down, then going down against what? eur seemed like the perfect candidate.

    I'm already short too much usd. Now I just need to figure out a way to also get short eur.

    That's putting a lot of strain on all those other little currencies.

    But I always have gold and crude on my side.

  2. Long USDJPY ??

    There's got to be more upside for usdjpy here.. after such a long decline..

  3. the problem with jpy is it is so independent. sometimes everything else is moving and it is just sitting there

    also, there is strong consensus that long usd.jpy is a good trade

    at the moment, I happen to be short usd.jpy, but I don't know how much I can depend on it
  4. besides, I'm still short aud.usd, so my problem isn't with the dollar, it's with the eur

    I think I may have overestimated it's strength

  5. Aren't you tempted to long EURCHF with a stop below 1.2050 ?...the risk/reward seems interesting..

  6. to trade successfully you need strategy, logic and process with an edge.

    trading has absolutely nothing to do with what the actual market is doing.

    look in the mirror for the real problem.

  7. you may well be right

    I was hanging out over on the Black Jack thread

    and just sitting here on a Saturday morning thinking about how much of my trading is nothing more than gambling
  8. i am right, your job is to correct it .
  9. Went long at open Sunday night. So far its costing me 42 pips. My bad idea? Don't think so. I expect a bullish result from US election.
  10. how do you figure us election will be bullish for eur/usd?
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