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  1. traderob


    Looking to short this around 119.00 when the markets open on Monday morning.
  2. I put in a short at 118.92 - Good luck to you :)
  3. jasonjm


    it just broke daily trendline, hopped over monthly trendline going back to 1998 on my charts, eurusd showed some real weakness, and the dollar index finally closed over 86

    but you guys want to sell usdjpy?? bad trade IMO

    why not rather sell chfjpy if u must buy some JPY
  4. Doesn't the market open tonight? I sure as hell hope it does beacuse it's the only thing I have to do on a Sunday.
  5. While it seems to be overheated...the 125D linear weighted MA on the weighted close indicates it is still in an uptrend. The Demarker is nearing a short this trade is an undecided trade for me, where I might stand-aside and wait for clearer developments...

    if you roll the dice don't go for a big target...IMHO (well ok, not so humble :))
  6. For those of you interested here is one of the "mirror moves" of the USD.JPY
  7. Key in on 119.10 area. If it holds then we may move down to 117.33 area. If 119.10 breaks then 119.58/63 area is the key. I look for this to hold in the near term.

    I am bullish this pair, but I think we have to build some value down below first. I think the real move may come from the 116.27 area.

    If we do break up above the 119.58/63 area and build value then it is off to the moon. Lot's of short covering from all those silly positions taken by the big boys. I have my "rocket man" mp3 all ready for the occassion.

    Good luck.


  8. Birch71


    Maybe not my best move, but I am short here looking for 117.46. The moves, albeit in a holiday market, were fairly quiet considering the nuke test.

    I think when everyone was looking for a moon shot off the N. Korea events, cooler heads will prevail and those pushing longs at 119.25+ will be puking when we spend sometime below 118.90.

    Of course, I could be wrong :D
  9. I am now short this pair on the surge up. Hopefully, we will move down to towards the bottom of the value curve. If not, we may be moving to the moon.

    Good luck. Not sure how to say that in Japanese.

  10. I think this pair is an a pretty "iffy" situation right now (119.45). Short term I would be short, but from a longer term point of view I would be avoiding this one like the plague. Seems like the kind of trade that would drive me crazy.
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