Short TWTR

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Boy Plunger, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Shorted TWTR last week 6.86 avg. price. Put in the vault. If it runs up, shorting more. Set aside six months worth of time and money for this one. It will implode.
  2. Great analysis, thanks. You should go work for Goldman.
  3. I would never trade a stock with Average daily volume of 200,000 shares.

    Good Luck
  4. LOL :D Fuck off
  5. Me either and yet, i'm trading one. It did 22,000 shares today. LOL :D

    We'll see $4.50 soon, is my guess. They plan to close a couple more stores and have fire sales. Looking over the books for two stores, it didn't get any better since last summer. It's a good trade that doesn't need to be managed day-to-day. For me, it's purely a fundamental/technical play= the fundamentals suck while the technicals allow for a short here.

    EDIT: Why not sit a 20 pack at the ask, you'll get instant recognition. :D :)
  6. Thanks guys. I needed some help with this one to get the ball rolling.

    EDIT: TWTR pulls up to 6.83 i will sell more.
  7. Tweeter is planning to gut the entire operation and go into high end $50K+ systems that they peg as "futuristic". I'm the last to know everything.

    The timing couldn't be worse...this company is deep trouble. Kept shorting on the last run to $7.10 but not fully loaded yet.
  8. Sold more TWTR yesterday at the close. THe chart looks good for a drop today. If sp500 trades into 1260 it should help the selling in TWTR.
  9. JUst covered what i sold at the close yest., 6.12, still short...

    EDIT: Nice move lower!!!