Short time work rescues Germany from massive increase in jobless numbers

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ASusilovic, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. It is a known secret that this army of subsidized workers will hit the unemployment "market" right after the elections in September. There is a consensus between most big corporations to not let too many people go as to not bolster extreme political forces on the left and right wing. Come Oct/Nov mass firings will be unleashed, unless some magic "V-Shape" recovery takes place overnight.

    This winter might be very harsh and cold for the German working class :cool:
  2. Don't forget if it goes bad there... it can quickly get very messy...
    at over 20% unemployment ( for the german native ) , europe will be in big trouble !
  3. Maybe you should reinforce "Allied Powers"

  4. :S
  5. Austro-Hungary isn't what it used to be...
    Sure neither are the french or brits.

    Talk about a W shaped "recovery". The stimulus and hope all are going to hit in the last 6 months of 2009, this is make or break. Inflection point.
  6. I wasn't speaking about a massive scale war... more about racial ( or religius, or what the new hype will be ) discrimination...