SHORT this gap up, it's a joke ----

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  1. I am shrt with the dow at 8700. i have a stop if we break the high we just reached. this bail out is all smoke and mirrors because bush 's term ends in a few weeks, tactics of last resort which will only hurt the economy. everyone knows this./
  2. looking to exit the mzz and sds if and when the dow falls near its open or breaks below it.
  3. I am doing exactly the opposite: long until we break the high, and short from there.
  4. Why you would think that this GAP up this morning is from the auto "bail-out" is beyond me . . .
    Ever think that it might have something to do with "Triple Witch"?
  5. Quad Witch. Pretty quite movement considering.

  6. The OIH is already moving up at a nice tick this morning . . . If oil gets into positive territory, you are going to see a big push up in the energy sector which results in a nice "bid" in the SPX.
  7. Stop Filled
  8. i was stopped out with a very minimal loss. i re entered on a break below the previous high of the morning.. i am about to cover the mzz and sds again..i have a nice profit. the market may turn down even more but i cannot get greedy.
    as i said earlier,i would cover on a break above the morning high which i did;i went a bit higher but my stop protected was a negigable loss. i just made it all back plus a rather nice profit. cannot get greedy on the triple witch.
  9. Just curious, and I mean no disrespect. But why is it when someone makes a call and the call is wrong, they come on later to tell us how they closed and re-entered, and now have a nice profit? But you never see them post the infamous re-entry.
  10. the market did exactly as i thought,broke this mornings open low and went negative. as i said,i covered already and made a profit. moral to the stoty,in the stock market you go with instincts but its a tough road,my plan worked but it tested me by making a new high forcing me to cover .thats the discipline,i had to admit that the plan went off track.. then it quickly reversed and i re established a new trade which was the original one. happened a bit later than expected but it panned out nonetheless.
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