SHORT these stocks NOW!

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  1. These prices will be _touched_ before the end of next week, representing excellent trading opportunities:

    BRKR $5.40 (Tuesday's close: $6.16)
    EEFT $11.92 (Tuesday's close: $13.06)
    IOC $25.54 (Tuesday's close: $28)
    PHH $12.95 (Tuesday's close: $14.05)
    TLEO $10.76 (Tuesday's close: $11.81)

    Please just mark the date and time of these predictions.
  2. KS96


    I repeat.... SNAKE-OIL ALERT!

    Please post your stops, or give us a break...
  3. Hey this guy follows me around in all my postings, issuing...'snake-oil alerts'.
    STILL he hasn't benefited from my following words?

    'As for the 'snake-oil' and 'Nostradamus' characterizations, maybe the following excerpt from a posting of mine will help you.

    "....this ‘ping-pong’ with people I shouldn’t be responding to in the first place is getting kind of silly. So let me summarize what I encountered so far, provide my responses for every ‘variation’ of non-sense hostility, and get it over with:

    i) “Those predictions of yours are insignificant. I own the tools to provide better”.
    Response: Since someone owns such tools that can provide better yields than the 10-15% _ALL_ of my prediction offered in a matter of 1-3 days (the _official) and _indisputable_ records and timestamps of EliteTrader are at anybody’s disposal anytime), then he/she is mostly welcome to publish his/her predictions, that will surpass mine. Deeds are for (knowledgeable) winners, cheap talk is for (bitter) _losers_.

    ii) “Your predictions weren’t fulilled”
    Response: Show me EVEN ONE that wasn’t fulfilled or explain to us your motives behind your prepostreous lies.

    iii) “I simply hate you for being so successful with your predictions and I would use even insane arguments to deceive your readers or every other means (including threats...) to harm you. I hate you, I hate you!!”
    Response: Please seek professional help."

    Does anybody knows this guy's zip code? I need to send him a copy of the Yellow Pages for his area. It should prove VERY usefull to him.
    But hurry; you will do society a favor!
  4. phh might work
  5. KS96



    Which word don't you understand?
  6. My predictions need no stops!
    Either the yaccomplish their target prices by the time given (in which case they are deemed succesfull) or they don't, in which case you may call those 'unsuccesfull', something that, I am sure, would give you immense pleasure...
    Well, sorry, but for the moment, as you and all can see (in the 'Stocks' ection of EliteTrader), ALL my predictions were fulfilled so you may need to suffer for a while longer. Yes, there is the possibilty that a few will not be fulfilled sometime, but I ascertained this percentage is tiny, after I ran tests to literally hundreds of thouands of cases.
    Anyway, people will see and will judge.
    I trust you understood all words, this time. Don't make me respond to your 'snake-oil' and 'scam' _trash_ another time....
  7. KS96


    nuclear-sand salesman alert!
  8. filthy parasite alert!
  9. chit chat alert.

    If all you're going to do is show up, post a "sell these now" comment with no analysis, stop, etc., then it's going to be moved to the chit chat section.

    Alternate suggestions: Start a journal in the "Journal section". Post analysis on each symbol in the STOCKS forum.
  10. Could you please provide a few examples of what you mean by 'analysis'? This _is_ my technical analysis. What more should I say or add?
    As for the 'stops' I wll be happy to post bogus stops, say 20-30% away from the price, if that suits you best.
    Please advice.
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