short the S&P

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  1. my model does not exactly go short but it indcates the end of the run up and weakness. I am also nervous of Arab buying of gold and what it may entail.
    oil/energy is also a comer as winter is Cold...
    Next year I maybe back on the long side...
  2. Middle Eastern "petro wealth" is still long oil {good group with the right "liquidity" to keep a mid 50's bottom intact} so definitely keep playing oil long ---- how could you not!

    would it not be just a blast to have oil pumping out of your own backyard and then use some of the wealth from those resources to trade oil long everyday {making sure it does not go too low} --- now that is the racket of the century!
  3. The oil refinery blast in London will not bode too well for US at the open.
  4. if this was at all terrorist related {hopefully not} then shit will start hitting the fan again ---- hitting oil targets {and not ones in the middle east} will bring on some new gloves {just the reality of how the world works now}.
  5. never underestimate the power of the midnight rally crew and the "buy the dip people"

    all aboard the 100% up room to go rally!!!

    this is the new market....

    where trees DO grow to the sky

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