SHORT the ES now

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by MVP, May 23, 2003.

  1. MVP


    mkt will sell off slightly this morning

    STP at 931
  2. Ditch


    Who are you? the market boss?
  3. Quah


    Oh well, stop hit. Now what? :eek:
  4. Why ?
  5. MVP


    took .5 pt loss

    sitting on my hands

    more than likely... dull day ahead for position trading ES
  6. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    LOL. :) Have to agree, a very strange way to start a thread... Just realized, maybe he meant it as a journal entry like "I'm short the ES now" rather than telling other traders that they should SHORT the ES now.
  7. FinStat


    my crystal ball says............ there will be perpetual change of prices......right up to the close.

    long change @ even :D
  8. Tea


    I predict that a down tick will occur at 12:11.11 (atomic clock).

    This is based on an advanced fourier gann lunar proprietary methodology.
  9. Yeah, I got me one of them furier gann things too, and mine basically said the same thing...:D
  10. Avaturk



    I lost 12.50 on my one tick stop. I am going to sue you!:D
    #10     May 23, 2003