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  1. You might give Alan Farley's book a try...."Master Swing Trader". Available at, or perhaps at his

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    Get it from the library. If you like it, you can buy it. If you think it's the worst book you ever read, as I do, you will have saved yourself some bucks.

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  3. tampa


    Well screw you.

    I know when someone is making fun of me.

    If you want to live in ignorance, go right ahead.

    I won't trouble you anymore.
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  4. I'm sorry, Now I got it!

    Five point five times 144 equals 792!

    How could I have missed it?

    The death wave! Right in front of my eyes all the time!!!!

    Thanks for explaining it.

    Too bad Gann didn't live long enough to profit from it. (I heard he was rather poor when he died.)
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    Screw off, asshole

    That's it. I'm not posting any more on these subjects till my results on Monday evening. All I get is ridicule from people like profitseer. Have a good weekend everyone.
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  6. And there you have it Jason. I hope you have benefited from the helpful replies. Just remember the rule of 44 and always check your Monday night results.

    You're lucky. It's not always this easy to get clear answers to your questions.

    If it falls apart under ridicule, it probably won't last long in the market.
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  7. 1) Why is this the worst book you ever read?

    2) What are the names of the best books you ever read?

    Once you've answer either or both of these questions you'll have added something to the conversation.

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  8. it takes about ten minutes for the setup the entry and the exit on a scalp, then you can go to class. It also takes the least amount of trading capital.

    I gotta get outa here, because once you say sc--lp, everyone who's ever tried it and failed comes out of the woodwork with their warning flares a blazing.

    It's not for almost everybody, but it's good for a very few and it leaves you plenty of time to either get an education or get on peoples nerves.
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    Because it's largely a recapitulation of Trading for a Living, only written in a language that's nearly impossible to understand, all for a price greater than the original. Add to that the fact that nearly all the examples provided are from the market peak, giving the impression that his so-called "setups" are the key to easy riches.
    Assuming you mean books about trading, the first two I'd recommend are Trading for a Living and Methods of a Wall Street Master. If you mean best books in general, I'm particularly fond of The Lord of the Rings.

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    look like old ego..I mean FPC is on the rampage again.:cool:
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