Short Term Trading Strategies That Work by Connors, Alvarez $35

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    I have this book for sale for $35

    Book is like new.
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    This book is complete junk like all Connors/Alvarez material. Their newer book, High Prob ETF Trading, is just a copy with a new name.

    Considering the recycling of their courses and ideas, I can't believe anyone still buys this stuff. Connors should be charged with plagiarism.

    How many trading noobs are born every day?
  3. To whomever removed my original post believing that I revealed proprietary methods of Trading Markets (200 day SMA, 2 period RSI, 5 period SMA, etc.), please refer to Trading Markets own website to discover all this information is posted free on their blogs. No information I posted is not already disclosed to the public domain from their own website; most from Larry Connors' own blog. See the small sample of links below for free and public references and compare with the table of contents of their book(s) and systems.

    It is no secret Trading Markets entire product catalog is based on a few simple concepts; they disclose this on their own website over and over again (i.e. TM 10 Trading Rules ).

    Posting public information to help new traders is not an offense. Only trying to help the large number of suckers who pay $5000 of their hard earned money for a course already found in the public domain. If only people learned to read and do some research they could discover the truth about these strategies.

    The Improved R2 Strategy: 84% Correct with Just 6 Rules

    TM 10 Trading Rules

    TradingMarkets Rule 1 - Buy New Lows, Not New Highs!

    TradingMarkets Rule 2 - Buy The Market After It's Dropped; Not After It's Risen

    TradingMarkets Rule 3 - Buy Stocks Above Their 200-day MA

    TradingMarkets Rule 4 - Short Stocks Below Their 200-day MA

    TradingMarkets Rule 5 - Use The VIX...It Works

    TradingMarkets Rule 6 - Reduce Overnight Risk; Buy Indices And Sectors Instead Of Individual Stocks

    TradingMarkets Rule 7 - Reduce Overnight Risk (More); If You Buy Stocks, Buy Better Established Companies

    TradingMarkets Rule 8 - Learn how to properly use RSI. It may be the best indicator available to traders

    TradingMarkets Rule 9 - Avoid being churned; stay out of markets which have low ADX readings
    The narrow trading ranges that have held stocks throughout the session continued during the past half hour, preserving the major averages' mixed performance.

    TradingMarkets Rule 10 - Trade news...but not like everyone else

    Dynamic Exits: How to Properly Exit a Trade
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    Dr.z, its murray T;
    Most of those links do not work, but i liked some of those titles.
    Great quotes, i added some, like Rule #9 Avoid being churned {stay out of markets}LOL:D

    I wouldnt call a book/booklet on a 200 day moving average a scam, or ''for suckers'';William O Neill gave/sold books/ simply proved the 200 dma............................. Of course if one doesnt believe in trends & buys stocks/Indexes/ETFs above 200 dma in a bear market- one could become a believer in Bear markets/bear downtrends.LOL