(short term) stock trading

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  1. Hi.
    I will post here all of my trades and a few charts,

    all of my orders are placed before market opening,
    i don't follow the markets intraday.

    Results have been pretty good so far.

    I will try to post 25 minutes before market opening,
    see ya tomorrow
  2. new trades:
    NCR long: buy stop 19.16, stop loss 18.93
    AKAM short: sell limit 37.77, stop loss 38.48


    underperforming lately, but
    it's a just a consolidation after
    the big january and february
    high volume moves.

    it's trying to break out from
    a tight resitence area,
    buying above yesterdays high.


    shorting limit on a pullback,
    expecting techs to open up today.

    relative weakness for AKAM,
    unable to close at the high of the day
    after the gap down,
    lots of downside space in stochastics
  3. see attachment
  4. akam short intraday chart
  5. previous day:
    NCR long: bought 19.16, stopped out
    AKAM short: not triggered, canceled
    no open positions
    closed positions:
    NCR long (19.16), 18.93 (stop), -1.25%
    (AG long (20.26), 26.21 (trailing stop), +29.36%) not posted here :)
    new trades:
    BWC short: sell market, stop loss 34.14

    bearish engulfing and stochastics crossover exactly at gap resistence. (Volume action on the intraday chart doesn't look as good as daily volume)
  6. previous day:
    BWC short: shorted 33.40, move stop to 33.62
    new trades:
    PDS long: buy stop 14.52, stop loss 14.18
    MOS short: sell limit 80.57, stop loss 81.67

    PDS: very strong chart and clear relative
    strenght for PDS
    vs the other oil stocks.
    (oil price going higher and
    technically good).
    Buying above yesterday's high.
    Yesterday's tight range

    MOS: shorting on a pullback, weakish
    action and volume for this stock.
    stochastic crossover and it just
    broke the upside channel
    (inverted head and sholter for agricoltura ETF MOO)
  7. previous day:
    PDS long: bought 14.71, move stop to 14.60
    other open positions:
    BWC short, add target limit 30.89
    new trades:
    ONNN short, sell stop 9.61, stop loss 9.76
    JKS short, sell stop 24.99, stop loss 25,39, target limit 22.85
  8. previous day:
    ONNN short: triggered, no change
    JKS short: triggered, move stop to 25.13
    other open positions:
    BWC short: move stop to 33.07
    PDS long: sell market
    JKS short: move stop to 25.13
    new trades:
    LDK short: sell market, stop loss 11.79
    BRCM short: sell stop 39.11, stop loss 39.67


    medium term relative weakness
    vs other semiconductors
    stock, right on the 200 days moving
    average and long term support.
    it bounced back a little lately and it's
    on a key level.
    shorting below yesterdays low.


    a tight range for the last few days
    gives us a good risk-reward
    entry point.
    upside channel broken, stochastic is bearish
    heading to 10.50$ major support
    (which is also around the 200 days
    moving average)

    shorting market, STOP above
    yestedays high
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