Short-Term Options Trading Acct

Discussion in 'Journals' started by cszulc, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. cszulc


    Hi there,

    At the present time I have:

    +3 BA Dec 95/100 Spreads
    Debit $2.00 on Monday 10/22
    Value of $2.15 today
    (plan to get out of this sometime in Nov)

    +3 DIA Nov 137.00 Call
    Debit $2.18 this morning
    Value of $2.28 now
    (I plan to get out of this later today)

    +2 GS Nov 220/230 Spreads
    Debit $6.20 about 2 weeks ago
    Value of $6.10 now
    (longer term trade...going out to expiration)

    +5 HON Nov 60/57.50 Put Spreads
    Debit $0.90 2 weeks ago before earnings
    Value of $1.25 now
    (trying to get out of this today at $1.30 *hopefully!)

    Long 2400 F Stock at 8.58 today
    Stock at 8.70 as of now

    Sold 24 F Nov 9 Covered Calls
    at 0.25

    I'll try updating this whenever I place new trades or take off current ones.