Short-term fx options

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Nashequilibrium, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know of a firm that offers 1 or 2day fx options such as Saxo bank. The issue with Saxobank is that the option minimum is 1 week, or 5days.

    Daily vanilla and European binaries on the majors. Weekly vanillas and monthly touch markets on EURUSD and Cable.
  3. Thanks, forgot about these guys, saw them about 6yrs ago if i am correct but didnt feel comfortable with them, but will check them out............i hope they don't just offer digital options. Thanks.
  4. Plain vanillas as I stated above; daily, 1 and 2 weeks out.
  5. saxo when your option expires it settles into a spot position and then u have to close out the spot position or you can keep the spot trade on. Does the daily options settle into a spot position or does your account just get credited when option expires and the trade is over? Thanks in advance.
  6. Cash-settled.
  7. ok..............their pricing looks fair, i will be able to get a better look in during the week. Whats your experience with their pricing on vanilla, day, week options?