Short term correction to arrive.

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  1. S&P should test the 995-1025 range again in the next few weeks.

    Liquidity fears and its fish or cut bait time. It is going to take real economic recover and growth for 2010 or the bottom will fall again.
  2. gkishot


    Futures are higher now.
  3. My futures are lower.
  4. ?
  5. gobar


    my future is darker:D
  6. Computer says, markets to close lower monday than last friday.
  7. "?" referes to your comment on futures being lower when you posted?

    I don't recall any prices posting on Friday either.
  8. Johno


    Oh crap! Do I even have a future?
  9. You have been "given HOPE.

    Do you not feel the HOPE?
  10. I think the economy is going to boom next quarter. The holiday season got the velocity of money flowing again. With so much easy money sloshing around, we are going to see a new stock market bubble, similar to the 90's.
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