Short term Bottom in the USD on the dailies

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by GlobalFinancier, May 19, 2006.

  1. Lazy to post bull USD on each USD thread, so this.
    USD/CAD 1.1227
    USD/CHF 1.2180
    USD/JPY 111.81
  2. The return of the USD...
    *Star wars theme ermm whateveryoucallthat*
  3. Oh well, totally wrong on this one, every one of those pairs is about 100-300 pips against my prediction.
    I'll fess up lest someone find this thread a few years later "Hey global, USD is down 50%!" :D
    But seriously, no followthrough though the chart seemed short term bearish should've been a giveaway of no support, but then again, hindsight is 20/20.
  4. wizard3


    The Euro hardly gave any ground during all that gold and silver weakness.
    The reaction could have gone down to 1.26,it did not : so perhaps we already want to crack the 1.30 level and start the big currency crisis that may also begin to send stockmarkets into a mini crash....
  5. If you ask me - better not to have any opinions on the direction of the markets unless you actually put on the trade. For me at least it creates direction bias in my day - to - day trading . Not having any opinion at all is just one less thing I have to deal with, when the chart in front of me is all I need to know.

    Just my 2 pips.
  6. Global, I think you're just a bit too early on your call. USD is making a case here and will see:

    JPY: 115
    EUR: 1.255

    by end of June
  7. wizard3


    I agree totally thats why I do trade.....just my 3 pips
  8. USD probably bottoming, long USD/CAD 1.1190