Short Stocks After Regular Hours

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gr8stock, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. gr8stock


    Simple question, how to short stock after regular hours?
    IB and other brokers do not allow these shorts.

    For example, AMZN is down more than 7% on huge volume in after hours market. Are all these sellers were long or there are somehow short sellers. Somebody is making money here.

    Obviously the earning season just started and there will be much more opportunities to make money after hours, but how.
  2. JORGE


    Not sure where you got your info. I short stocks through IB every night.
  3. gr8stock


    Thats quite surprise to me. I placed short order after hours. TWS show green light, but it has never been executed. This was market order and price moving up and down. Called IB support and they explained that no short sells allowed after hours. ??????????
  4. try posting a limit .01 above the market. That might work.
  5. Bob111


    you have to uncheck box REGULAR Trading hours only in Configure->Order->default order settings.
    i been in same boat once :)
    hope this helps
  6. Ameriturd doesnt allow short selling in after hours trading imo
  7. nassau


    Unfortunately, shorting is very dangerous...
    the broker does not have to allow the short stock..
    many times I am scaling in a postion and find that during volitility the stock becomes unavailable to short...
    this happens during regular trading hours all the time..
    an example today was rimm, prior as you mention amzn...

    remember the broker must own the stock to allow a short way to ensure is to contact your broker prior and pay the few dollars to allow you to short..
    I personally find it
    they do not want to buy when they? believe the market is going short..
    thank god for options

  8. try placing the order directly to Island or Arca

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  9. nassau


    I tried several times today to additionally short rimm
    I tried arca, island,smart,brut to no avail
    what is frustrating is you never know when it is going to become unavailable at this time to short..or short list etc
    problem I have run in is you forget and are trading normally...buying / sell / short and then one day, your left hanging
    like I said ..thank god for options