Short Squeeze or Rally?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by brokenmarkets, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. oh yeah the 1998-2000 rally was short squeeze too.

    this market looks like short squeeze..

    the problem with these kinds of manipulated markets is when the party is over...some fool longs who actually thought it was a bull market lose..2002 october was was the end of the world and october 2008 it was the end of the world if you long stocks and didn't sell.

    bail if the market is over...

    this is a typical short squeeze in thinly traded float. the market is alwasy thinly traded.

    fundamentals always matter......bull markets is rising profits and rising earnings expanding markets etc long term secular industry growth not bs.setc...not bullsh#t on quantitiave easing man. or speculatkion or short squeezes.

    traders only care about volume and momentum and this market sucks in volume and momentum. too many flatlines and doji choppy. rigged market
  2. Trading must always be agonizing for you. :( :D :mad:
  3. gobar


    possible H&S pattern on ES...

    After couple of years of observation what i have seen is if H&S fails on 5, 15 or 30 mins chart we are in Bull market and if IH&S fails on same time frame we are in bear market..

    Oil did confirm but H&S on 15 min... its not 100 % accurate but hey worth a shot...