Short squeeze: Next trend for hedge funds & day traders?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Option Trader, Mar 5, 2006.

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    Till now, I didn't think short squeezing was coordinated: is this about to change? (little guy, please be careful).

    Hottest trend= Naked shorted stocks
    by: naked_short_hunter 03/04/06 10:57 pm
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    Naked shorting is the leading topic on traders desks. Hedgefunds are going to squeeze each other out on stocks that are identified as naked shorted and have a small float available for trading. Datraders are going to jump on this squeeze. This is going to be the next trend.

    Here are some examples.

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    And that will quickly be followed by another trend of shorting that squeeze.

    This cycle has been going on since there were markets; there is nothing new about it, it's just new to you, so please kill this thread (just kidding).
  4. Definitely seems to be a major topic now in the news. In addition to the cramer investigation I Saw this coalition listed on another thread on ET Seems with reg SHO coming into play it wouldnt be that much of an issue since traders will be able to short many stocks "naked" (in addition to the current pilot list). But it seems other organizations are still outraged about how this is currently affecting the markets. Seems like they are cracking down.
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    Reply to Option trader;

    Remember ITWO used to be a high flying hot tek stock;
    hotter than a hot oven:cool: