Short Squeeze and irrational market continues

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  1. The short squeeze continues, the previous sell dips were shorted again.

    ETF shorts like SQQQ are being bought to short the market and is quite big.

    breakout today and short squeeze continues. no limit on how or when this market will stop going up. this market can double from here in 6 months. until shorts capitulate. the market is very illiquid.
    shorting in an illiquid market especially in stock index which is highly manipulated and controlled.
    cover all shorts. until the rally stops this market broke out today. t
    the black swan was not a black swan it was pullback from 'news' non sense like war and virus. the ponzi scheme continues. until it ends who knows it could from or increase another 50% in a few months.
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    There's no point in rationalizing the market irrationality. If you've been trading during the raging bull market of the Nasdaq bubble of 1999 or the housing bubble of 2007, you would know this is considered normal at the top. In fact, you need this "climax buying" before it rolls over.
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  3. %%
    And QQQ + Nasdaq did not top @ all 'till MAR 2000,. As far as a housing bubble, are you a RE appraiser ?? IF you you were+ I don't think you were= in Hiroshima Jap............................................................ Of course over leveraged in sand state/sunshine state swampland; OK that RE was a land bubble .LOL:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D,:caution::caution::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Looks like Paul Tudor Jones is right ;this year is like 1999; not meaning MAR 2021 is the top. NOT a prediction + not irrational ; its called a good trend, as far as QQQ+ UPRO.
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    did you not hear what i said... comparing today to 1999 will make you look like idiot in a couple of years.

    1999 dumb money was IN
    today dumb money is OUT.

    prove me wrong.
  5. in 1999, the market doubled in 6 months

    it' took the market 7 years to double. to here..

    so it's less bullish than 1999 and less optimism. but this market is weak without FED rigging the interest rates and investors have no choice but to own equities as short term bonds are less than 2% or 3% or nothing

    this is gov't policy don't fight the fed, 1999 was market euphoria, this is FED fed market.'s dependent on gov't policy rather than the 'market' and market is not based on market but gov't policy. known as gov't interference in the 'free market' the gov't or Federal reserve is the black hand or invinsible hand in the market.
  6. For once I actually agree with one your posts! I don't mean that in a mean way. :D But I do agree with you here!

  7. Bum


    Hard to keep money on the sidelines if you're a money manager with rates so low. Pressure to stay in. Easier in 2000/2001 and 2007/2008 to pull money out of equities.

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  8. dozu888


    only 1?

    when has my theme changed?

    - my 2006 thread ' are we gonna run out of shares'
    - my 'trading is easy' thread about how to read dumb money being short;
    - my constant effort to give away free virgins.

    where have you been?

    i have laid out the road map to infinite riches and how many actually listened..

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  9. maxinger


    Please change

    Short Squeeze and irrational market continues


    Trendy market and decisive market continues.


    learn not to look at things negatively.
    Instead, look at it from opportunistic view point.
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  10. Well, I haven't followed your market calls! Just some of your other opinions. ;)

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