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  1. I've have done very little short selling since I started trading and I have a question for the experts:

    If I short sell 100 shares of a $100 stock can I use the $10K to go long 200 shares (only as an example) of a stock that trades at $50? What would be the ramifications of these transactions in terms of margin etc.? Thanks.
  2. A possible gain (and the initial funds), whether from a long or short trade, is only yours to use again once a trade is closed.
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    your question is basic. the answer is no. you must put up 5k of your own funds or long stock worth 10k to margin the short sale.
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    not true, if you have profit on a trade a partial part of the trading profit can be withdrawn or used as additional margin.
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  7. What profit?

    Paper profit?
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    if you have a paper profit you can make a partial withdrawal.
  9. As far as I understand it, you cannot "borrow or withdraw" paper profit but I don't trade equities for the last 20 years. Only futures. So you might be correct.
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    there is no if and buts that I am correct. key phrase is partial withdrawal.
    If I am not familiar, I don't comment.
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