Short selling tick test is history.

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    I guess nobody else wants to sit and dwell on the corrupt agendas of the past 70 years either. LOL!!!! Relax and move on.
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  2. Actually I had ..............until YOU invited me back. Between the two of us, it appears YOU'RE dwelling on it. Been a week since I uttered a peep.

    Never used the word corrupt. Ditto for conspiracy. Most definitely used the word agenda. I can't help it IF.............whoosh, the word goes right over your head. Stick with banging out those dimes BIG boy.
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    Banging out dimes???? Ya sometimes. I don't mind "banging out dimes" on 5K blocks of stock. But nowdays spreading my money out over 10 or 20 positions and going for points is much easier and more my daytrading style. But thanks for the compliment anyway. LOL :cool:
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  4. 1. What would YOUR prowness have to do with the TOPIC of the thread?

    2. Have YOU had a hard on for me for a week?????

    3. Ever thought about a good shrink?
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    As I recall this thread was started by someone posting the news that the uptick rule was to finally be abolished. I then stated I was pleased the rule was finally changing. Then you piped in basically calling me a moron and talking about conspiracy theories for keeping the rule the past 70 years. I said I didn't care about the past. Of course there is an agenda for this rule change now and of course there was an agenda to keep the rule in place as long as they did. But SO WHAT???? Why should you care u what that is? why should I care what that is?? YOUR ARE JUST STATING THE OBVIOUS. But what are you gonna do about it??? Please tell me??? Enough big money wants the rule gone so its gone. These are probably the same people that lobbied for the change to the hybrid style market and a more electronic marketplace. They did so claiming they favored speed of execution. Now lets think real hard for a minute here.... Wouldn't taking away the uptick rule fall directly into this category by creating much faster black box executions in many situations especially in a falling market???? This might one reason of the rule finally being changed. But it might not. I really don't know.
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    thanks flytiger
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  7. this is huge for guys who move size for 2 reasons

    A) For guys who move size in the market while trading you do not completely tip your hand when shorting the market, looking to get bent over buy the spec/market maker.


    B) If you move size you know that there are certain times when you have to aid in your stocks movement by getting it through key levels, this was damn near impossible to do before without tipping your hand when you were trying to move a stock down

    all in all this is excellent for traders and investors alike, as they proved that the SHO stocks tended to outperform the market, although this could just be a statistical anomally as we are referring to a limited group of stocks, never really done any research as to wether or not the SHO stocks were just generally good stocks.
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    i'm really glad that the uptick rule is gone.


    i'd have suggested they start the new rule on july 9, or 10, rather than july 6. there's plenty of people who will be off for those days, and if there are any problems, why not do it when staff is (mostly) fully back at work?
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  9. This is a big deal for "illiquid" stocks...
    Which I define as trading 5,000 to 100,000 shares/day.
    (Perhaps one third of NYSE stocks are "illiquid").

    "Illiquid" stocks often spike temporarily...
    For a few hours...
    But are hard to short...
    Because they "revert to mean" without an uptick.

    Eliminating this rule...
    Will probably increase my short volume by 20% overall...
    And, also, give me one or two windfall trades every day.
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  10. What about the large spread between buy and ask on illiquid stocks. How will you handle that?
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