Short-selling faces clampdown by SEC

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rgowka1, Feb 19, 2003.

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  2. Pretty infuriating. Where were the regulators when was getting bid to the moon.
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    Of all people to bitch about unfair treatment....Fannie Mae? Good grief, they're a monopoly! The SEC is again proving itself the "Good Old Boys" best friend.
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    A bunch of Carp!!
  5. quote from the article:

    "US regulators say they are being pressed to clamp down on short-selling by politicians who complain the practice hurts companies. Allied Capital, MBIA and mortgage lender Farmer Mac are among those claiming their shares have been manipulated by short-sellers."The time has come to address what to do about short-selling but it is going to be political, controversial and complex," said a securities regulator."

    mortage lender FARMER MAC?? (Freddie Mac fools!)
    ps- short Fannie Mae- its a dog with fleas :cool:
  6. Allied Capital, MBIA and mortgage lender Farmer Mac are among those claiming their shares have been manipulated by short-sellers.

    time to short the sh!t out of those f^ckers...

    if they believe in their companies, they shouldn't care about short interest and should actually hope that short interest rises..

    morons..all of them
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    This is a really poorly researched article with several untruths. 'Naked' short-selling?? There is absolutely no such animal in ANY US market - Equity OR Fixed Income. I think John Labate was high when he wrote this! Rules different on NYSE then for NASDAQ, what is he talking about? Both have a 'bid test' or better known as 'plus tick rule' and both trade in increments of 1 penny. Thin stocks are impossible to borrow, and as far as enforcement - if you are the executing broker and your customer doesn't have a locate, YOU the broker are screwed. He does not make 1 valid point in this article. If anything, the rules regarding shorting will be relaxed and NOT tightened! He mentions three companies who's CEO's are pointing to short-sellers? How 'bout the 100's of 'dot.coms' that we all lost $ in that were impossible to borrow. Remember PALM?? :confused:
  8. uhhh....better find out who has the cheapest bullet rates.

    companies are pissed because short sellers prevent their stock prices from staying at an ARTIFICIALLY high level (because a fair market didn't determine it's price), so they give big money to politicians, who then pressure the SEC. what bullshit.

    something needs to happen to prevent this, letters to those corrupt politicians, sec, etc. unreal.
  9. maybe that wouldn't be so bad.....
    higher stock prices= higher volatility= bigger moves= higher P/L
    of course, the shooters would still find a way to short, the retail guys would have another restriction, like the PDT rule. They really should make it easier for the small guy. They like to pay up and sell cheap!! anyways, big money banks/ brokerages on the street will fight that anyways- it would disrupt the system too much.

    are you the last kid on your block to learn that wall street is f*cking crooked??
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