Short Selling during pre and after hours market times

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  1. I am with Scottrade currently.

    They do not allow a short sell order during after hours and pre market hours.

    Are there any good, strong, discount brokers that allow short selling during the after and pre market hours?

  2. gaj


    i didn't know there were any that didn't allow it. am surprised to hear that there is one....
  3. Actually - I just had a response from

    Here is the response:

    Dear Sir,

    Yes we do allow short selling in after hours markets. Please be
    advised that it is highly risky.

    Thank You
    ChoiceTrade Client Services

    TOLL FREE: (877) 731-9114
    PHONE: (732) 214-2660
    FAX: (732) 514-6765

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    > David Wrote:
    > Do you allow short selling in pre and after hour markets?
  4. you must live in Toms River....
  5. I'm assuming that's a slam. Gee - thanks!

    And if not - would you please be so kind as to enlighten me?