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  1. Anyone have any book recommendations on Short Selling?...(except for the one written by Bill O'Neil)
  2. Threei's book offers a balanced view of shorts vs. longs. So does Alan Farley's. It's a short list, IMO. Probably because the practice is evil, perverse, and patently un-American, sort of like butt-fucking. "Don't sell America short!"
  3. The Art of Short Selling by Kathryn Staley is a good read if you're interested in a fundamental approach to short selling, finding companies with serious flaws so you can sell them short all the way down. It's pretty much useless for trend followers or day traders, though.

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    Can you elaborate? I consider myself a trend-trader.

  5. Trend trading is inherently technical and short term. Staley's book is about finding flawed companies primarily through fundamental analysis.