short sellers get no love.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. Lets see, we had some death threats, nasty shit sent to us in the mail, lots of nasty calls and accusations etc.. bad all around. The worst are the financial/banking institutions. They really take it personal.

    Why do people take short selling personal? It is 100% business and nothing more, if we determine a company is overvalued and overpriced then we short, that's it.

    Shorting provides liquidity, corrects irrational markets and provides opportunities for new investors to purchase shares at a reasonable and fair price.
  2. Because if its naked there is a distortion of supply. If its legitimate thats one thing. If over the float is short, thats just ridiculous.

    The sooner the new tougher legislation comes out about the (Naked) short selling the better.
  3. A lot of folks love to throw out this "Naked Short" term.

    As long as the trade settles nothing illegal has occurred.
  4. Why 'traders' want more regulation on naked shorting is beyond me.

    Also, naked shorting is the best thing that ever happened to 'investors'

    Hopefully naked shorts decide to bring goog or msft to a dollar or so. Then I can forget about all this trading stuff, back up the truck, and become a multi millionaire overnight.

    Get it?
  5. It is American to root for the underdog. (OSTK, cough cough)

    Of course, the bigger they are the harder they fall, hence we love to kick the big dog when he's down.

    My third theory is, the noisiest mofo's against short selling never shorted a stock in their life. They believe in hope, prayer, apple pie, mom, and (sigh) chevrolet.

    Read these three affadavits, sworn to a Federal Judge. The defendants in this case hold themselves out as "short sellers".

    Now. You tell me why people hate short sellers. Most don't know the diff between the short sellers and manipulative scum, hence the confusion. Help stamp out the scum, and life will be easier for you (us).
  7. Yeah, I don't have a problem with it, but it appears that Naked Short selling should be illegal. I don't know any trader on here that has the ability to nakedly short sell, though. I think it's something for big dogs to worry about, and not the companies.

    I've shorted indexes several times before, so I hope nobody is taking it personally.
  8. Naked short selling is already illegal. There is an MM exemption, but for the most part, the fails you see on are all illegal........... and they have to have time for comment letters.

    The point is, they passes a rule that you had to obey the law in 19 financials for a month. Now, you don't, I guess.
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