Short S&P system?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by nzbryant, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Hi all. I've been testing various ideas for a short S&P system. The purpose is, if you have a portfolio of stocks, you may want to hedge, at peaks, against market declines like this week.

    Ive tried CCI, RSI, ADX, DI+/- and ROC. Nothing really works. Perhaps the answer lies in market internals like advance/decline etc. Has anyone come across a good short system for catching peaks (not a day trading system), or any ideas? The idea is to be short for a day or up to two weeks at peaks.

  2. I used a Bollinger band short signal followed by a fix number of days to cover. This worked out pretty well. As I remember the optimum number of days was around 5. I backtested on TradeStation.
  3. Thanks, interesting.
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    For swing trading, you might want to look into finding what the IT trend is...and then trade with it. Most indicators are simply linear. The market is non-linear (meaning it's tough to trade with fixed values unless you have a good understanding as to what causes the SP500 to move from bear to bull a decade?).

    With the S&P 500, it's often best to buy your sell signals and sell your buy signals (say....with using MACD or similar method). The S&P 500 does not trend well at all. Now I've said too much...