Short RIMM - Long AAPL Blackberry bites...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Blackberry popularity came about after 9/11 when those devices were the only ones that worked during 9/11 in NYC. In the coming years everyone seemed to have one...I was out last night and it seemed like no one had one. Everyone got tired of their Blackberries...

    However, I did see everyone with an I-Phone. The Blackberry has become an annoying piece that companies are doing away with because they are so expensive. The people with Blackberries do not actually like to have them because they are responding to messages during personal quality time.

    The chart of Rimm is just like that of Sprint Nextel. Nextels used to be all the rage and everyone was clicking and beeping. Blackberries will go away just like Nextel. Does anyone have one of those anymore? I too had a Nextel once until I got sick of the "beep beep" and answering problem calls. Now everyone with a blackberry vibrates and answers problem calls. Same same just a different type of device.
  2. Hahahahahahaha

    Where did you go to see a ton of iPhones? The local high school?
  3. You still can't get an iphone, they are still selling faster than they can make them.

    The last time a saw multiple people with them, the people were all lawyers.

    Its funny people still dont give the iphone its credit. When it literally could not be selling any better.
  4. I-Phones and the service is not cheap. I wouldnt expect to see these at the local high-school.


  5. Hmm you would be surprised. The new iphone I think is around the same price as the sidekick was when it came out, and there were plenty of those. I havent seen any high schools recently, but the college campuses definitely have their share of iphones!