SHORT RIMM before earnings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by kingliam, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. kingliam


    Short RIMM avg price $97.04 2/5th of position, next add is a spike near $103.00. Hopefully this spike happens before the Earnings this week. The higher it goes, the more I'll make because I am covering at least 25 Points lower for $25K if I can get my final 3 adds into some strenght.
  2. You're kidding right? Betting against RIMM? Good luck!! You're going to need it.
  3. kingliam


    Just when your most scared, it's the top. Hope your not long at this point.
  4. I have been trading RIMM for a long time and my head was handed to me, when it broke on the upside with out any respect to technical resistance...

    I am hedged i.e short 90 for October and long 90 for November....

    Hoping to catch the lows and close my October shorts....and take advantage of the time premium....still in the options...

    What do you guys think...
  5. Just what I hope every time I short something.
  6. vandger


    but trend is our friend.i also think u put yourself too much in risk against the strongest stock in market.
  7. kingliam


    Pre-Market: 98.00 Down 0.66 (0.67%) as of 8:12AM ET on 10/02/07
  8. kingliam


    RIMM down almost 2 POINTS since post.. who's in the money...
  9. faure


    2pts big deal. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
  10. kingliam


    die RIMM die
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