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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nicodemus, Nov 28, 2001.

  1. I read in the paper Sunday that Kimberly Clark spent 80 million revamping its Beech Island plant to manufacture moisturised toilet paper. This product will sell for $8.99 for a four pack. With a managment team like that I don't like this companies chances in the near future.
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    Nicodemus, I didn't realize you took a fundamentalist approach to your stock picking. Careful not to wipe out. :)
  3. wouldn't it cause rashes?:)
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    What kind of man needs moisturizer on his A**hole anyway?
    Are they targeting a certain market demographic? :)
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    Your analysis of KMB based on a single newspaper story is very simple minded. Don't you realize that Gilette and others spend millions to develop razor blades that sell for under $10?

    Take a good look at the paper towel dispenser the next time you are in any office building restroom. There is a good chance that the name Kimberly Clark is embossed in the white painted metal. The company has a huge market with bathroom supplies in thousands of office buildings all over the world. Their annual revenue is in the billions.

    By the way, the company is holding a conference call this morning. Any negative comments won't be made because of a single product. There is a recesssion in progress, in case you have not noticed.
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    You own some stock? The previous replies knew the post was tongue-in-cheek. Sorry if I stepped on any toes. I would not post any stock picks here.
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    I do not own KMB. There was nothing in your orignal post to suggest that it was tongue in cheek. It looked much like a Yahoo! message board post. My response to it was to point out that one cannot trivialize a short sell so easily. Look at KMB this morning--a nice move upward, and still going at this moment. Had someone shorted the stock based on your post they would have lost money.
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    Had someone shorted the stock based solely on his post, they would deserve to lose money.