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  1. When the trendlines break, enter your progressive SHORTS.


    (Gulliver returns to scramble, titillate and tickle the fickle, video-games-enthralled Lilliputians.

    Gulliver can't resist returning albeit briefly due to the significance of this GREAT moment in HISTORY wherein the tidal rogue wave now breaks the bow


    the tidal wave is a fake and the gorging and feasting on CREDIT by the most broke civilization in HISTORY will continue unabated.

    Naturally Gulliver calls the former.)


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  2. I agree, this is a gift, to short into.

    I started shorting on Friday, nothing heavy.

    I'm negative right now but added to my short positions a little more a few minuets ago.

    This is a longer term play,looking at about three weeks.....

    IMHO, I think we well sell hard into the Mid Nov.

    If i'm wrong, I'll take my losses. We are getting close to the top of that 52 week high.....IMHO risk reward is no the short side.
  3. However, I do not believe a DEPRESSION is likely, I was saying we were currently in one but if you look at the spells STAGFLATION.

    A Depression would be a gift. Cost of Energy, Goods, Service would drop and for those of US making money, would be a grand time to consume.

    However, Data is pointing to higher unemployment, lower wages and Core Inflation spike. If the FED print more money, more inflation and the EMU has no choice but a Trillon plus bail out...hence more inflation as wages drop.

    We are mimicking JAPAN and the NIKKI from there 30 year bust..
  4. More equity rally is probable as USDX selling pressure is now substantial. This will support stocks and cause more equity short covering which may result in another melt up.
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    I'm leaving ET today. Last post. No regrets. Time to move on.

    Joe, please close the thread.


  6. Lilliputians, now dig this ..... Gulliver is making this call while the market is rocketing upward with giant strides.

    Dow Jones is smack right up at 61.8% retracement of the drop from the May 2, 2011 TOP that yours truly called correctly.
    Oh, and dig this too - the battalion of chinese sitting just right above here aka the 200 day moving average.


    Great Depression 2 ongoing and start was called in October 2009 here ..... fast forward to today, no change in call.
  7. Could you pls. post the number corresponding to the trendline, so that we can follow the progress of price vs. trendline?
  8. zdreg


    it can't happen.
    ever hear of helicopter bernanke?
  9. S2007S


    I call him BUBBLE ben bernake because all he knows how to do to stimulate an economy is to create bubbles and thats what he is doing right now......

    Talk of QE3 is back on, QE3 will bring even more inflation, it just keeps getting worse, who ever thinks QE is the way to go is a fool, if anything QE is destroying this economy.
  10. If there's ever been a signal to get long folks, this is it!
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